Clothes sale shopping guide- tips and tricks to make the most out of your wardrobe

I would estimate that 70% of my wardrobe is clothes that I have bought in the sales. I love finding nice items at bargain prices whilst also making sure I get long wearability out of the clothes I buy. I’ve made a lot of bad decisions when sale shopping and bought a lot of pieces that I didn’t end up wearing or that weren’t sustainable items. Now I’ve learned a lot from my bad sale shopping habits and I’m sharing all the tips and tricks I have to making the most of sale shopping and your wardrobe.

Top: Zara sale- £7.79, Skirt: H&M sale- £12

Sale shopping guide

Evaluate your current wardrobe

This is always the best place to start. Having a clear idea of what you already own helps you decipher what clothes to buy when sales pop up. This means having an organised wardrobe and having regular clear-outs of what no longer serves you. My wardrobe is organised into different categories of clothing item and then by colour. By doing this, I can clearly see what colours I tend to gravitate to most and what items I have the most of or lack. This also helps ensure you don’t end up duplicating anything.

There is also a great app called ‘Save my wardrobe’ which allows you to store photos of your clothes or outfits. It’s the modern-day version of Cher’s wardrobe in Clueless.

Download your favourite stores apps

Most sales now start on clothing stores apps, or at least that’s the case for H&M and Zara. I buy the biggest of my sale items from these two stores and the items I have bought have had the most longevity in my wardrobe. Both H&M and Zara’s apps are really easy to navigate and it’s really easy to save your favourite items. Just before the sale starts, I add all the items I want to my favourites. Then once the sale begins checkout with ease my items before they sell-out. This way I’m not stressing to find items once the sale actually begins.

Know your clothing size

I spent many years buying clothes that weren’t the right size and then inevitability not getting any wear out of them. Before delving into sales shopping, have a good idea of what size you are in that store. I know clothing store sizing can be all over the shop so make sure you’re aware of the returns policy. If once it arrives, it doesn’t fit, then make sure you send it back. Having something that doesn’t fit you well isn’t going to benefit you. Send it back and buy something that fits you perfectly.

Cardigan: H&M sale- £10, Trousers: H&M sale- £15

Know your wardrobe staples

Everyone’s wardrobe staples are going to be reflective of what is in their wardrobe. Knowing what your staples are will help when shopping in the sales as you can ask yourself ‘Do I have 3 things in my current wardrobe’ that would go well with this item. To ensure wearability out of any items you buy.

Know seasonal sale cycles

Every knows sale season tends to be at the end of every season. With the biggest sales tend to be Black Friday before Christmas and the Boxing day sales. I know that Zara tends to do a sale just before Christmas and in June, so I save up before these periods and then go shopping once the sale hits. Pretty much the entirety of my wardrobe is made up of doing this.

Dress: ASOS sale- £10

Important questions to ask yourself when sale shopping:

Would you buy this if it wasn’t on sale?

An important question to ask yourself every time you buy something. Avoid buying things you will regret just because they are cheap. If you wouldn’t buy it full price, then should you be purchasing this now it’s discounted.

Will this date quickly?

I try to avoid buying fad items in the sales and stick to timeless pieces. That way I don’t end up buying things I will only wear once.

Am I panic buying?

It’s so easy to get caught up in sale shopping and sometimes you end up buying something because you are just caught up in the frenzy. Really think your choices through and before checking out. Evaluate your cart and assess whether you are making smart purchasing choices.

Do you have any sale shopping tips or tricks?

Top: Zara sale- £7.79, Skirt: H&M sale- £12

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