I didn’t achieve any of my 2020 goals, and why that’s ok

Last year I wrote a post all about how I achieved all my goals in 2019. I’m a big fan of setting goals and targets all year round but particularly at the beginning of a new year, where fresh starts feel all that more possible. This year, however, I didn’t complete any of my goals and this is why it’s ok.

With everything that happened this past year, some goals became unachievable, and others no longer a priority. I’m not the same person who entered 2020. The things that mattered to me in January of this year are polar opposite of the things that matter now.

What I and whoever is reading this did achieve, is surviving a pandemic. And that is a pretty big feat that none of us saw coming. I can’t help but think about the psychic I saw in December last year who predicted lots of travelling for me and not once mentioned I would spend 80% of my year, alone in my flat.

Goals are meant to be achievable but they are also adaptable. It’s ok to set yourself goals and realise that they no longer serve you a purpose and to start again.

Some things I did achieve:

  • I went back to therapy. This started pre-pandemic but really helped get me through. I’m proud I was strong enough to reach out when I knew I wasn’t ok
  • Learnt a lot about myself
  • I attempted to date a few times. I held strong boundaries and walked away when I knew it didn’t feel right and didn’t force anything
  • Paid off some debts. Not a huge dent but I have a few things less to pay
  • I turned 30. Something I never thought would happen because I never thought my mental health would let me
  • Grew my blog and Instagram

So, I didn’t achieve all the big goals I set myself and I didn’t have the year I thought I would but I’m here, I’m healthy and I’m doing ok.

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One thought on “I didn’t achieve any of my 2020 goals, and why that’s ok

  1. I love this so much! Thank you for sharing. I haven’t achieved all the goals I thought I was going to in 2020 and my plans drastically changed but I did achieve some small successes and that’s what counts!

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