Modi Bodi Review- Sustainable Period Underwear

I was eager to try the Modi Bodi period leak proof pants range after seeing so many rave reviews. And as someone who is always looking for ways to be more sustainable. What is more kind to the environment than sustainable period underwear?

I used tampons for years when Aunt Irma visits (if you get this reference, we will be friends). Mostly out of convenience because wearing pads just weren’t my thing and for a long time those were really the only two options. So I was a little sceptical about switching to anything new, particularly pants, but as you will see from my review. I was pleasantly surprised.

Modi Bodi- Sustainable period underwear

What initially attracted me to Modi Bodi as a brand is that they have a passion for sustainability but equally they represent a variety of body types on their website. When browsing their site you can choose from a range of models and sizes to view so you can gage what the under wear will look like on your body type. We love to see it.

I also liked that Modi Bodi has a range of styles of underwear from thongs to full briefs, bikinis and different absorbency to suit your period needs.

I’ve only ever been excited for my period a few times in my life:

  • Whenever I’ve been late and begin to convince myself I’m about to bore a child
  • When I got my first period. This was before realising actually what a period is and realising that it wasn’t a one time initiation into womanhood and that it actually happens EVERY SINGLE MONTH. I distinctly remember being so confused like surely it’s not every month. That seems really, really, really unfair.
  • And once my pants had arrived

I initially bought the Sensual bikini in light/moderate and a Classic Thong in light/moderate which both came to £35. They come in sustainable packaging and easy to follow cleaning and maintenance instructions (you rinse the brief before putting on a cold wash and then leave to dry and voila they are ready to use again).

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My thoughts 3 months on…

I’ve been using Modi Bodi for the last few months and I’m so impressed with how well they work that I’ve completely switched to only use them for my period needs. They are super absorbent and I’ve had no leaks. Plus they are really easy to clean and they are also so comfortable. Which, when you are on, comfort is one of the biggest things.

I definitely ended up using the Sensual bikini more, as it’s a fuller brief and I haven’t really left the house in a while. I’ve used the thong less because who willing sits around in a thong at home. So, I ended up purchasing an additional Classic Full Brief in beige and will definitely purchase more in the future.

***This post contains affiliate links of which I receive a small percentage of any goods sold***


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