My PLT homeware collection wish list

You know you are old, when you get REALLY excited about a brand launching homeware. Pretty Little Thing have done just that.

PLT have just launched their homeware range and it’s really affordable for if you are looking for a little home upgrade or just to treat yo self. These are all the items currently on my wish list.

*** This post contains affiliate links***

Bedding -£25

We stan some plain white bedding which PLT also have in pink if that’s your type of thing.

Pampas Grass-£12

I love pampas grass. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it lasts a really long time and it is pet safe which is ideal for me with cats who think my plants are an all you can eat buffet. At only £12, this is really affordable.

Candle- £15

This candle is gorgeous and a real statement piece that would make a perfect addition to any home. It is definitely one not for burning.

These seagrass coasters a so so cute and would be a great stocking filler for Christmas.

This trinket dish is a vibe. I love things like to this to put jewellery or candles on around my home. This is probably my favourite item in the Pretty Little Thing collection.

My bed and sofa are not complete without a throw on them. Even in the scorching summer heat. I have to have a throw on me. It’s literally my security blanket. This waffle throw is beautiful and only £20. Very similar to something else I have but I paid a lot more for it!

I have numerous mirrors in my home because I feel like the really add to depth to a room. They make the room look bigger and just brighten up the place. This round gold one would be perfect in a bathroom or as some bedroom decor.

And lastly this pink marble mug looks the perfect size for a proper brew.

What are your favourite items from this collection?

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