Six of the best True Crime podcasts to listen to right now

Podcasts have been my constant companion for some time but never more so than during lockdown. My favourite genre of podcast is undoubtedly the true crime podcast. As a child my bed time reading was a book titled ‘Killer Women’ and ever since I’ve been a sucker for anything true crime.

My favourite thing about podcasts is they are like someone having a conversation with you but you don’t have to make any effort to make conversation back. For an introvert this my guilty pleasure.

There are some truly great true crime podcasts out there that are raising lots of awareness, educating and getting cases solved . These are six of my favourite true crime podcasts you can listen to right now.

1. My Favorite Murder

The podcast that made me fall in love with podcasts.

Karen and Georgia are two hilarious ladies who have a love of true crime and they combine their hilarious comedy and true crime, into an incredible true crime/comedy podcast. Comedy and true crime are not usually two things that usually go together and it’s not the murders and crime cases they are making fun of, the comedy runs parallel to the cases they cover. Trust me, it’s tasteful and it works.

They are excellent story tellers and will have you crying one second and laughing the other. They are huge advocates for therapy and talk openly and honestly about their own mental health which really helped me during times when I have struggled. This podcast is for you, if you like your true crime told to you by your best friend, which isn’t necessarily fully fact checked but is well told.

2. Casefile

A podcast that weekly brings you great true crime stories with all the details and cold hard facts, that is easy to follow. Narrated by the anonymous host with the most soothing voice.

If you like true crime, this podcast is a definite necessity to your collection. They cover the well known stories the Yorkshire Ripper and The Moors Murders as well as lesser known ones that I had personally never heard of. There’s hundreds of episodes to catch up on, each ranging from 1-2 hours and sometimes in several parts. They also often post updates on previous cases they have covered which I love.

3. Radio Rental

A new podcast to my list but I recently binged every episode within a week. Radio Rental is a fictional store and is hosted by fictional radio personality, Terry Carnation, played by Rainn Wilson off of The Office. Though the host and the store are fiction, they play true stories of the weird, the macabre and the unsettling. These are more individual stories of true crime and other weird things that have happened. Each episode contains a few different stories which is great for a short journey where you only have the capacity to listen for a short while. A really good easily listen and Rainn is brilliant.

4. Mile Higher

I found this podcast, initially through watching Kendall Rae on Youtube, she is a great content creator which features a lot of true crime and equally a lot of lesser know true crime cases about POC. What I love about Kendall is she is genuine advocate and she creates content to raise awareness and also lots of campaigns where she raises money for different foundations.

Her podcast, Mile Higher, she hosts with her husband, Josh and they both cover a variety of true crime topics as well as some supernatural thrown in their too. This is a podcast for the true crime fan who likes to hear opinions on cases as well as facts.

5. Jensen and Holes: Murder Squad

Hosted by Billy Jensen, an investigative journalist and retired cold case investigator Paul Holes, who dive into unsolved murder case using a variety of methods including asking listeners to send in tips, theories and become active members of the ‘Murder Squad’.

Both had a part to play in the arrest and capture of the Golden State Killer. Billy was friends with and helped finish, Michelle McNamara’s bestselling book, ‘I’ll Be Gone in the Dark’ and Paul Holes helped in the investigation and gathering the DNA which helped catch the infamous killer.

A really great podcast if you are interested in hearing experts discuss the details and deep dive into cases.

6. Your Own Back Yard

This is a podcast based on one particular true crime case, the missing persons case of Kristin Smart. Kristin was a college student who went missing in the 90s and though there was only ever one suspect, Paul Flores, the last person to see her alive. There had been no arrests and Kristin has never been found. The host does a huge investigation into the case and has since helped provide law enforcement with information and evidence which has finally led to arrests in the case.

A truly great investigative piece and if you are a true crime fan, a must listen.

This is a great example of why true crime podcasts exist, to raise awareness and help solve cases

What are your favourite podcasts?


    1. I’ve heard really good things about that. I’ll add it to my list! Yes, Finneas doesn’t really advertise it. I came across it by chance but it’s so good


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