8 Inexpensive ways to upgrade your rented home

I’ve lived in rented property’s for the last decade and it’s always felt important to decorate my flat/house to make it feel like a home. As I live alone, I don’t have the cash to blow on expensive items so it’s important to keep things inexpensive but cute. Throughout the years I’ve picked lots of different pieces up and I’ve recently purchased a few new times to really upgrade the flat I rent. Here are a couple of inexpensive ways to upgrade your rented home.

1. Prints

Image source: Desenio*

Adding prints to a room or creating a feature wall, can completely change a room. I’ve ordered several prints from Desenio recently to revamp my bedroom and add some pieces to my bathroom.

And putting up prints needn’t damage the walls. Nearly every print I have hanging is being held up by Command strips. They are really cheap, easy to put up and last ages. Some of mine have been hanging for nearly two years and haven’t budged. Plus I know from moving several times that they don’t leave any marks.

2. Mirrors

Mirror: Old from TK Maxx (similar here, here and here)

Mirrors are something so simple that really brighten up a room and do wonders if you are renting a smaller space for making it look bigger. You can get tall standing mirrors or ones that rest on dressing tables so no you don’t have to damage any walls and risk your deposit. I have a couple of different mirrors dotted around that I’ve had for years now.

3. Upcycle furniture

This could be repainting something you’ve had a while or even just changing the door knobs on a cabinet. I’ve ordered a few off of Etsy to jazz up some of my Ikea furniture I’ve had for a few years. Pinterest are rife with Ikea hacks and cheap ways to upgrade pieces of furniture.

4. Plants

One of the cheapest ways to add a little colour to your rented property is with some plants.

I recently purchased some indoor plants from Patch plants, an online plant delivery service. Their website is really easy to navigate and you can filter options like ‘Child and pet safe’. Which is important for me as one of my cats likes to sample every plant I bring into my home. The delivery was really quick and you are sent online instructions on how to care for your specific plant. I couldn’t recommend them enough.

5. Rugs

Rugs are perfect for rented accommodation. Particularly if the carpet where you live is less than desirable. I’ve had a HAMPEN rug from Ikea for the last 4-5 years and it’s still in great condition and come with me to at least three different apartments. This rug from H&M is also gorgeous and whilst a little more expensive, would be a great investment piece.

6. Vases

Vase: La Redoute (similar here)*

I’ve got several vases of fake or dried flowers around my flat that add a pop of colour. I wanted something tall and a bit extra so, I bought the above one from La Redoute (similar here) and some Pampas grass to add a little texture to my decor.

7. Throws and pillows

Nothing makes a rented place more homely that throws and pillows. H&M’s home section are a treasure trove for fabric furnishing for your property and really affordable too.

8. Storage pieces

Storage stool: Aldi (similar here)*

I am very limited on storage space in my flat so where ever I can I find cute pieces to store my furniture in, under, or on top of. I bought the above stool/pouffe from Aldi earlier this year and it’s used as a table, a seat and to store things that end up lying around my flat. Like wires, snacks and Dreamies, which is why my cat likes sitting on it.

I also bought this lovely ottoman from Argos which is perfect for storing bedding and towels.

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