5 Products to help you sleep better

Bed: La Redoute (similar here*)

I love sleep. Once I’m asleep, I’m asleep but getting to sleep and then waking up in a good mood is a struggle. I’m most definitely not a morning person and have always been a night owl. Unfortunately society is not made for night owls and I’ve had to adapt better ways to get a better nights sleep. I’ve tried and tested many different things to help me sleep and these are the five products that I use on a weekly basis to help me sleep better.

1. Lumie Alarm Clock

Left to right: Lumie Alarm Clock*, Deep Sleep Pillow Spray by This Works*, Candle: Aldi

I bought my Lumie Sunrise alarm clock* just as lockdown began and it’s one of my favourite purchases. The alarm clock mimics the sunrising so it gently wakes you up with light that gets gradually brighter. After half an hour an alarm goes off, which can be an array of soothing alarm tones. In all honestly, I’m woken up by the gentle light before the alarm goes off, which is a much nicer natural way to wake up. I’m in a much better mood and am much more of a morning person since using this.

It also has a sunset feature which you can use to help unwind before bed and send you off to sleep. The light starts bright and gradually dims and then turns off. The benefit of using an alarm is you can leave your phone across the room or in a different room all together. Which then eliminates any pre-bed distractions.

For an alarm clock it is pricey at £39.99 but it honestly has change my sleeping habits and absolutely worth every penny.

2. This Works Sleep Spray

Slippers: ASOS*, PJs: Nasty Gal*, This Works Deep Pillow Spray*

This Works is brand I buy many products from. By far my favourite product and one I always re-purchase is their Deep Sleep Spray Pillow Spray*. It’s 100% natural with light lavender and wild chamomile scents. A couple of sprays on my pillow and I have the deepest best nights sleep. It’s also amazing for cooling the pillow, which during the heat is a godsend. It can be a little pricey but it really lasts a long time and is a product that genuinely works.

3. Audible

A big part of me being able to get to sleep is detach myself from the days stresses. The best way for me to do that is reading or being read too. Since I’m too old for anyone to read me bedtime stories, I use Audible*. Audible is a great service where you pay £7.99 (or 30 day free trial) for one free audiobook a month. You then can keep the audiobook even if you cancel the subscription and can listen to it at any time. I find myself listening to 5 minutes of a book before realising I’m drifting in and out of sleep, I then turn it off. And voila! I’m asleep. Also great for tidying the house too or just when you want some background noise.

4. Sleepy by Lush

Lush have several great products to help unwind before bed. My favourite of all their Sleepy collection is the shower gel. I’ve had the lotion too but it’s just a bit oily for my skin type but the shower gel is incredible. It’s a softening wash of oat milk and carrageenan extract, with lavender and ylang ylang oil. I lather some of this on my skin after a stressful day, in a candle lit bath and I’m relaxed and ready to get to bed.

5. Simba Sleep

There are many sleep apps out there but my favourite to use by far is Simba Sleep. You leave your phone face down on the bed as you sleep and it picks up your movements in the night, letting you know the quality of your sleep. As well as monitoring your sleep, it gives tips to improve your sleep through your diet, your exercise and use of technology before bed. It also has sleep aids like soothing sounds, stories and a sleep podcast. It connects to Apple health and you can also add friends to your sleep team. If seeing how your sleep compares to your friends is your kinda thing. I’m nosey so its TOTALLY my kinda thing.

You can download the Simba Sleep app here

***This post features affiliate links, of which I receive a small percentage of any goods sold.***


  1. I’m an awful sleeper so I’m up for trying just about anything to help. I’ve been wanting to try a Lumie lamp for a while now. I think it’s pretty reasonable for what it does! x



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