8 things you can do when you are bored

I wrote my post 12 Things to do if you’re bored (without leaving the house) about all the things you can do in your own house, this was pre lockdown and since I have become somewhat of an expert at keeping yourself entertained. Particularly as I live alone (well, with 2 cats) I have learnt a lot about keeping myself entertained when I’m bored with no other human companions around.

1. Learn something new

Have you always wanted to play the piano (in case you have a piano lying around) or learn a language? There are online courses/apps for pretty much everything. Set yourself some goals and set some time to achieve them. One of mine is that I’ve always wanted to learn how to sew properly, I have a sewing machine and even some clothing patterns, I’ve just never had the time. Now I’ve got plenty so I’m going set aside some time to see what I create!

Skillshare is also a great site with various online classes you can sign up to or you can even host your own classes. Their premium membership is 2 months free and then £84 for the year or £13 a month, they also offer a free membership with more limited access. You can also find so many free resources on Youtube.

2. Create a meal schedule

I’m always mindful of trying to not waste food but now more than ever its really important to use up food that I have in rather than popping to the shop whenever I feel like it. So I’ve been creating meal schedules so I know what I’m having each day, how much time I need to set aside and what products I can use up. Some dishes I’ve found that are great for using food up are soups, nachos, stews, pasta bakes, curries, smoothies etc.

3. Rest

I think a lot of us feel that in order to be productive, we have to be doing something which is simply not true. Resting is one of the most productive things you can do for your mind and body. Particularly now it’s important to keep well rested. I personally like a midday nap or just sit on the sofa with my thoughts. Just because Shakespeare wrote King Lear during quarantine, doesn’t mean you have to.

4. Cook

I’ve seen an increase in baking going on, particularly banana bread ( Kate La Vie’s recipe is the best out there FYI) but now would be a great time to add some new recipes to your repertoire. You can even find recipes by the specific ingredients you have so you can use up those items in the back of your cupboard or that fresh produce that is about to go out of date. Or you could always buy a new cook book online and download it to your phone.

5. Create a cleaning rota

Not the most exciting thing to do when you are bored but as I’ve been spending a lot of time in my flat, I like to feel like my surroundings are kept up. I’ve also started doing those cleaning jobs that never get done like cleaning my oven, I’ve even steamed my curtains. I give myself days to do certain tasks so I know what needs doing when.

6.Listen to a Podcast

I pretty much always have a podcast going on in the background somewhere if I’m not listening to music. My fave subject being True Crime so if that’s your thing too I recommend My Favorite Murder, Casefile, The Murder Squad and Mile Higher Podcast. ‘This Podcast will kill you’ also have done some great episodes on COVID-19. Have a search on Apple or Spotify.

7. Rearrange a room

My dad often jokes every time he comes round my front room is rearranged in a different way. I love a good game of changing rooms and seeing how my sofa feels in different locations. For my mental health its important to switch up my surroundings and now that my surroundings are a bit more limited, it’s even more imperative. It also is a great way to clean under things that never usually get moved and you end up clearing out things you realise you just don’t need.

8. Watch a webinar

Websites like Bright Talk offer free webinars for various different subjects. I work in HR and have a few scheduled in over the next month for various different subjects to keep me up to date with knowledge and hopefully learn some new things too. If you want to find more about social media Hubspot for instance offer some free webinars or google away the subject you are interested in and ‘free webinar’ and see what crops up.

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