12 Things to do if you’re bored (without leaving the house)

I think most of us are going to find ourselves inside a lot over the upcoming weeks and it’s important to keep busy and keep ourselves stimulated. As an introvert who loves nothing more than spending time inside, I find my talents are finally coming to some use and thought I would share a few ideas of how to keep yourself entertained whilst self-isolating/social distancing/whatever you want to call it.

Play a video game

­If you have a laptop and access to the internet you can download games like The Sims, Sim City or Theme Hospital through Origin and The Sims 4 and it’s expansion packs are currently on sale. Most modern consoles have the option to download games if you already have one in the house. There are also some great games you can get on your phone such as Mario Kart.


There are loads of ways you can still keep active at home. My personal favourite is to do Yoga. I personally love Yoga with Adrienne on Youtube. There are also many work out Youtube videos that don’t require any equipment or you could buy a work out DVD on Amazon or iTunes.

Watch a show/film

Find something to watch on Netflix/Amazon Prime like any of my selections in my ‘Things To Watch’ post

Practice Mindfulness

When life is getting too much practicing mindfulness/meditation is really great way to keep you focused and personally helps with my anxiety. Apps like calm or Headspace offer free mindfulness courses as well as some paid in-depth courses.

Buy a book

You can download a new book to your smartphone or tablet if you have one. Some books that I would really recommend are featured in my post about Non-Fiction books that I would recommend. Why not reread some of those books on your shelf or maybe you have a stack that you’ve never got around to reading

Pamper yourself

Doesn’t need to be a full face mask (although if you have one lying around, why not throw it on) but also do those things you never have the time to do for me it’s my eyebrows, tan and nails. Or why not try to perfect your winged eyeliner or follow a YouTube tutorial and learn some new techniques.

Listen to some music

Like my January or February playlist or why not curate your own playlist. Or even clear out your music and remove those songs you always end up skipping

Start Journalling

If you have a note book lying around or even use your tablet to journal like I do

Clear out your wardrobe

Get rid of all the things that don’t fit/have holes in/ you haven’t worn in five years. Be really brutal and whatever is still wearable donate or sell on Depop or eBay

Curate your social media

Unfollow any of those accounts that don’t make you feel inspired when they pop up on your feed. Block, mute, unfollow anyone you don’t want to give your energy to anymore or even challenge yourself to a whole day without going on social media and see how you feel.

Call someone

Call a friend or Face Time a family member you haven’t spoken to in a while. Particularly if you’ve not had human contact in a while it’s important to keep communicating with those around you. It’s also good to check in with those who are also now spending a lot of alone time.

Do some digital decluttering

Does anyone else have about 2000 emails currently unread in their inbox. Take the time to go through and delete and also unsubscribe from all of those emails from that site you bought one thing off of in 2012. Go through your phone and delete that app that never gets used or the 4000 screenshots you have in your photos

Stay safe guys x

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