My February Fashion Favourites

February is already such a better month than January, am I right? January felt literally the longest month and my bank account was/is recovering from Christmas.

There have already been so many fashion items that I have been obsessed with. I’m being pickier this year with what I buy and trying to go for items that will add to my capsule wardrobe for the rest of the year and years to come. Read on for the items I’ve been loving lately and I’ve found a dupe for THOSE Gucci GG tights

*** This post contains some affiliate links for which I receive a small percentage of any sales made***

Exaggerated sleeves

I’m usually not for anything making my shoulders broader but I am lovely an exaggerated sleeve at the moment I bought this gorgeous bodycon dress from Topshop for only £25 which also comes in mustard, which I’m also tempted to buy. Zara also are representing when it comes to an exaggerated sleeve .

Patterned tights

Patterned tights seem to be making a come back in this cold weather and particularly I’ve been seeing these Gucci GG tights EVERYWHERE. Whilst they come at a cool £85 I’ve found these Gucci tights dupe for just £8 and you can also get discount on top of that


I bought these tartan leggings from Zara late last year as they were really giving me real Rachel Green 90s vibe. You can find similar from Boohoo, also obsessed with this Tartan top from ASOS


Boots are like my daily wardrobe staple. Even in summer, I will wear boots if I can, no matter if my feet are on fire. I have about 20 pairs of plain black chelsea boots so I thought I would branch out for some in cream. I bought these beauties for my Christmas present to myself from Zara and they have since gone into the sale and no longer in store but Zara had similar here.

Polka dots

I bought this Zara blouse just before the end of the year as it gave me strong Mr Blobby but fashion vibes. Sadly it’s sold out but there are similar here and here from Boohoo. Zara also have some stunning polka dot dresses in store currently.

*** This post contains some affiliate links for which I receive a small percentage of any sales made***

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