How I Stay Productive Working From Home

Working from home sounds like the dream or it did for me working 50-60 hour shifts in hospitality jobs several years ago. I used to hear people say they worked from home and was beyond jealous thinking they sat in PJs all day drinking cups of tea and watching tv. And whilst sometimes I have stayed in my pajamas all day and I drink copious amounts of tea. A common misconception is that working from home doesn’t involve any, well, working from home.

Alas it involves working and it’s becoming more common for it to be offered as a benefit for companies and as working from home has been shown to increase morale and productivity and be an excellent selling point to attract new employees and it is, of course, a necessity for most self-employed individuals.

Whilst it can boost morale and help people work more remotely, it can get quite lonely and it requires a lot of self-motivation and time management. Over the last few years I’ve worked from home pretty much on a weekly basis and these are some tips I have learned to keep me motivated

  1. Stick to a schedule

Much like if you were working from the office, give yourself a start and most importantly and end time. Whilst it is fairly tempting to start at 10 and then work into the evening, I like my evenings free so I stick to standard working times.

2. To do lists

To do lists are my daily staple of how I do absolutely anything and I honestly don’t know how people function without them. I have to get every task I know I need to complete out of my head and down somewhere so I guarantee it will get completed. I also prioritise my to do’s into ‘urgent’ ‘not so urgent’ and ‘the stuff I cant be assed doing’ and do the urgent and the latter first. It’s best to get the really crappy tasks out the way first.

3. Give yourself a break

At the very least a proper lunch break away from your work. I like to go for a walk to get some steps in, get some sunlight and also give myself a change of environment. I also make sure I get mini breaks throughout the day. Much like after using your phone for ages you would let it recharge, your brain needs that too.

4. Get dressed

Whilst it is very tempting to stay in pj’s I don’t feel like I have the same working mentality. I also don’t get dressed in full on office attire either. I have some comfy but smart clothes I wear at home. Showering at some point is also super helpful.

5. Get out of bed

Don’t work in your bed. Your brain is very smart and will begin to associate your bed for work and it can affect your sleep pattern. It is also not great for your posture. Invest in a desk or work at a dining room table, if you have the space. I also highly recommend venturing to coffee shops for great work spaces and human contact.

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