5 tips to actually be productive working from home

As working from home is becoming more common, there are definitely lots of benefits and it’s been shown to increase morale and productivity. But remote working can also get lonely, it’s easy to get distracted and can be hard to self motivate yourself. It’s important to find a schedule and ways to keep you productive.

Working from home sounds like the dream. But a common misconception is that working from home, doesn’t involve any actual, working from home. A lot of people think it’s lounging around in pjs and watching day time tv. You still have to be productive and get work done and it can be harder whilst you are in your own home.

Over the last few years I’ve worked from home pretty much on a weekly basis, and permanently over the last few months. These are some tips I have learned to keep me motivated and productive when I’m working from home.

How to be productive working from home

1. Stick to a working from home schedule

Give yourself a clear start and end times. Much like if you were working from the office. It’s really important to separate your work and home life, even when you are working at home. It’s tempting to start later or work later and keep checking emails in the evening. This will only burn you out in the long run, so create a work schedule and stick to it.

2. Create to do lists

The last thing I do at the end of my working day is to create a to-do list for the next day. Then first thing the next working day, I check in with what my priorities are on that list. I add in anything as they crop up and go to it throughout the day. To-do lists are a staple of how I function working from home.

3. Take regular breaks from working

At the very least a proper lunch break away from your work. I like to go for a walk to get some steps in, get some sunlight and also give myself a change of environment. I also make sure I get mini breaks throughout the day. If you can help it don’t have lunch at your desk otherwise you might be tempted to keep checking in or taking calls.

Much like after using your phone for ages you would let it recharge, your brain needs that too.

4. Get out of your pjs

It is very tempting to stay in pj’s but I don’t feel like I have the same working mentality. I need to physically change into something else to get in the mind frame for work which helps me be productive. I have some comfy but smart clothes I wear at home that make feel cute but I’m happy to sit in for hours. Honestly just try it for a couple of days and see how it changes your productivity.

5. Don’t work from your bed

If you do work in your bed. Your brain will begin to associate your bed for work and it can affect your sleep pattern. It is also not great for your posture and don’t believe you can be fully productive if you are still under your duvet.

Create a work space in your home with either a desk or work at a dining room table. Make sure there’s a comfy chair, as you’ll be sat in it for hours and ideally in a quiet space. Also ensure it’s a good area for wifi and it’s close to plug sockets for when you need to recharge your laptop or desktop.

I have a lovely dining room table that I use, which has everything I need on it and I’ve decorated it by having fake flowers, books and prints near by so I have nice things to look at when I’m working from home.

What are your working from home tips?


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