Simply Piano review-How I learned to play piano

Last year I had an epiphany. After having repetitive dreams about learning to play the piano, that maybe I could try and teach myself. After reading plenty of reviews, I taught myself to play, using an app called, Simply Piano.

I had always wanted to learn to play the piano when I was younger. But lack of encouragement and money meant I never did. Whilst in therapy, one thing we worked on was reparenting my inner child. Part of that is how I can look after that inner child day to day. So, I decided one of the things I would do for my inner child would be teach her to play the piano.

My search started with Google, as almost all my great plans do and started to research ways I could teach myself. This is when ads and reviews for Simply Piano started popping up everywhere and I thought I would give them a go.

Simply Piano Review

At first, I bought a cheap keyboard from Amazon as I didn’t want to invest in anything too expensive in case I was awful. I was BAD to begin with. But eventually I really started to learn and love it. I got, dare I say, good.

The courses start from beginners to intermediate. Once you’ve completed a course, new songs are released that you can practice with, which you are scored on accuracy and timings and are rated in 3 star system. It works by listening to the keys you are playing and letting you know if they are correct. The courses are really interactive and helpful.

Simply Piano is also great because it has a good mix of modern and classic music you can learn. And they teach you to read music as well as play. Simply Piano constantly update the app and add new songs. And they offer users to submit their requests for new songs.

It’s not badly priced either, considering the price of an actual teacher. For 3 months its £38.99, 6 months £59.99 and one year £83.99. You can also get family plans if anyone else wants to learn

It’s been a year since I started and I’m still learning and I’ve invested in a much better electronic piano. I highly recommend Simply Piano for anyone learning to play. I still use it to this day to advance my playing skills.

It’s never too late to try something new or be the person to encourage you to do something you are passionate about.

Simply Piano is available on the app store.

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