How I Taught Myself to Play the Piano

When I was younger I always had a passion for music. Through things that were going on that weren’t so great, music was my escape. I played Christina Aguilera ‘Stripped’ and Eminem ‘Marshall Mathers LP’ on repeat, performing dance routines my front room, singing in my bedroom and spending my days writing songs dreaming of how I would be a singer/songwriter.

Unfortunately I was not blessed with the best singing voice so instead I bought myself a cheap keyboard and a guitar with birthday money and would mostly just make noise with them as I didn’t know how to play them properly.

In music class, I got the opportunity to learn a little, we would be given sheet music for things like the Eastenders theme tune on keyboards and there would always be the one class clown who would change the function on the keyboard to say “Dj, dj” as the teacher was talking. If you know, you know.

Music was always my favourite class and I loved being able to just play anything. When it came to pick what classes we were going to pick for our GCSE’s, I desperately wanted to pursue my love of music with Music class, but was told that I couldn’t because I didn’t know how to properly play an instrument and that was fairly fundamental.

As I grew up, I felt sad and resentful for the little girl who was so passionate about music and clearly wanted to learn how to play music but had no one encouraged her to do so.

I took myself to therapy just over a year and a half ago and one of the things we worked on was reparenting my inner child and how I can look after that inner child day to day. I wholeheartedly recommend therapy to anyone because it changed my life.

I had an epiphany a few months after I had stopped going to therapy and I had been having repetitive dreams about me being able to play the piano, when it occurred to me. Why couldn’t I teach myself to play? Maybe it was time to stop wallowing in my own self pity and be the person to teach me and encourage me.

I bought a cheap ish Keyboard from Amazon and found this app through research called ‘Simply Piano’ and began using the various courses they have to teach myself. At first I was very bad, and I kept getting frustrated with myself but eventually I really started to learn and love it.

Simply Piano is great because it has a good mix of modern and classic music that you can learn and teaches you to play but also to read music. The courses are really interactive and really helpful. It works by listening to keys you are playing and will let you know if the key you are playing is incorrect. For 3 months its £38.99, 6 months £59.99 and one year £83.99.

It’s been a year since I started and I’m still learning and I’ve invested in a much better instrument. I started with a cheap one because I wanted to ensure I enjoyed it before forking out a few hundred on a keyboard. Once I knew it was something I was really passionate about, I saved up and bought myself my dream keyboard for my birthday. I highly recommend Simply Piano for anyone learning to play or if you want to do it a little bit more affordable there are some great tutorials on Youtube as well. Or you could always invest in an actual teacher.

It’s never too late to try something new or be the person to encourage you to do something you are passionate about.


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