How I Achieved All My 2019 Goals

I love a fresh start and a new year. A chance to reflect on how far you’ve come in the past 12 months and all the glorious things you want to do for the next. I set myself goals every year but don’t like to refer to these as ‘New Year Resolutions’ because my goals can be added to and adapted to at any point in the year.

I am a big believer in giving yourself goals or targets. I like things to keep me motivated and remind me why I do what I do. I tend to list this into ‘3 months’, ‘6 months’ and ’12 months’ as I think its important to give yourself a deadline to get shit done.

Last year I managed to complete all the goals I set myself and these are a couple of things I did to reach them all. These are my tips for achieving your goals and how to set your goals and reach them.

Keep them achievable

There is no point setting yourself up for a fail by giving yourself an impossible task or even a goal that relies on another person. For example, I had shied away from dating and this year I wanted to change that. Instead of having a goal of “Get into a relationship” or anything which would depend on another person, I set myself the task of “Go on one date”.

Construct how you will achieve them

It’s always a good idea to give yourself a deadline, whether that’s a couple of months or a few years, like I said I split mine into quarter and then write how you will go to achieve your goals. It’s all well and good saying “I’m going to get another job” but then just sit on your ass and hope a job falls into your lap. Your steps could be in this case “Update CV” or “Apply for 5 jobs a week”.

Educate Yourself

This isn’t applicable to all goals but for instance, my goal of sort my finances required some re-education because the way I was previously managing my finances clearly wasn’t working so I googled away, went to my bank, contacted debt companies, read books and looked online for ways that I could sort my finances out.

Keep your goals with you

The more you remind yourself of your goals daily the more likely you will achieve them, science says so and you can’t argue with that. And on your worst days it can remind you why you do what you do. You can stick them on a wall or your fridge at home (if you frequent your fridge as much as I do). Or out them on wallpaper of your phone or laptop or carry them around with you in a note book/diary. I personally carry them in my iPad on an app called Paper, I use it pretty much daily and its a good way to keep me focused.

Know that its ok to fail

All my goals, whilst important weren’t essential to my happiness and if I didn’t achieve them in the time I set, I knew it’d be ok. We are human and it’s ok to fail.

Know that its ok to change your mind

I initially had lots of blog related goals and then my mind frame and the things that were important to me changce. Again we are human and we are fickle creatures, its ok if what was important to you a month ago is no longer important to you now. It shows that you are just evolving. Don’t keep doing something just because you said you would.


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